Retrieved 705 cases for subject 'Political/Economic/Social Opinion'

Sorokin's Goluboe Salo

Student Newspaper Editors put on trial for politcal speech.

The Computer Science and Development Law

Censored 'NBC Meet The Press' in Australia during CHOGM.

I'm yout friend...tell me your secrets. Je suis ton ami(e)...tu peux me dire tes secrets.

Muntadas, 'TVE: Primer Intento'

WAR, an exhibition by Alex Donis

Amadou Diallo memorial mural by Hulbert Waldroup

Photos by Linda Griffith

Prints and sculpture by Janette Hopper and Sharon Rupp

Drawings by Jonathan Allen

Photographs by Jaime Carrera

Painting of WTC tragedy by Paul D. Trice

Michele Tuohey's Painting "Butterfly."

The Google Adwords Happening

Mexican Radio Stations Ban Some Music

Controversial tiles at Eastlake park

Self-portrait by Ryan D

Paintings by Alberto Gomez

"Chastity Belt" by Joy Crane

"War & Peace / Jang Aur Aman", a film by Anand Patwardhan

Italy gags 'porno' Virgin Mary sites

TV and Film Censorship in Malaysia

Nationalists close Ron Haviv exhibition in Kragujevac, Serbia

Citibank websites by Andy Cox

The imprisonment of artist-photographer Thomas Condon in USA

Electronic games banned in Greece by the Government

"Tumbling Woman" at Rockefeller Center

The Gay Guardian

Photographs by Jill Friedman

Photographs of Evan Johnson

Filtering and banning websites in Northrhine Westphalia, Germany

Cartoon in Afganistan Weekly

24 hours


One Hundred Years of Solitude

China: Controls on the Internet

Le démariage ou la démesure des petits vertueux

Second Chance Mural

"Tucuman arde" exhibition

"The Odyssey"

"The Clouds", "The Birds", "Lysistrata"

Ovid's "Ars Amatoria" (The Art of Love), "Elegies"

"The Talmud"

Whitewash Exhibition

"Pantagruel", "Gargentua"

Machiavelli's, "Discorsi", "Il Principe"

Sculpture Removed at 4-H Art Fair in MN

America's Finest

"Damned In The USA"

Campus Newspapers at Penn State

Roberto Plate in "Experiencias 68"

International Community Radio,Taiwan Radio Broadcasting

Malaysian Government Censors Travel Writers

Communist Review, Criticism of Vietnamese Government

Singapore Government Bans Films in Low-income Housing Areas

Dow Jones, Asian Wall Street Journal

Film Director Luu Trong Ninh and Vietnam Film Censorship

Shanghai Officials Close World Economic Herald

Thai T.V., Phra Bodhirak, Government Ban on News Coverage

Pramoedya Ananta Toer's This Earth of Mankind Banned

Indonesian newspaper "Sinar Harapan" Banned by Suharto

Steve Erlanger, Southeast Asia Correspondent, N.Y. Times

"Petition of Fifty", Panscasila, President Suharto

Indonesian Students Protest Corruption in Suharto Govt.

Van Nghe(Literature and Art), Editor Nguyen Ngoc Removed

John Stubbs; "The Discovery of a Gaping Gulf... "

Robert Parsons; "A Conference..."

William Shakespeare is Bowdlerized

John Milton; Writings of

Moliere; "Le Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur"

Blaise Pascal; "Lettres a un Provincial", "Pensées"

Baron Charles Louis Montesquieu; Works of

Monetarism In Action

Jean-Jacques Rousseau; works of

Diderot; "L'Encyclopedie"

Beaumarchais, "Le Barbier de Seville", "Memoires", "Le Mariage de Figaro"

The Lord Chamberlain, "The Licensing Act"

Goethe, "The Sorrows of Wertherr," "Faust"

Balzac, Novels : "La Comedie Humaine," etc.

"Blonde Venus" by Joseph von Sternberg

Gulf War, Navajo Language Banned From Armed Forces Radio

Gulf War US Press Censorship

Native American newspapers-tribal censorship,Tony LoneFight

Constitutional Problems Under Abraham Lincoln, Civil War

People's Cultural Movement Association

San Diego Elementary School Mural

Yonsei University, Student Protests

Republic of Korea's Criminal Code

Council for Democratic Press Movement, Mal

Kwon In Suk, Govt. Guidelines for Press coverage

"Mainland China 1989", Chang Chao-tang, Hong Kong

Brink, "Au plus noir de la nuit"

"Seeing Red, White or Blue"

Hugo, Marion Delorme

Ila Minson at IL State University

Stella's "The Town-Ho's Story"

Rivera Paintings - Paris

Rivera - Hotel Reforma

"El Pueblo" newspaper

Bluefields - "La Prensa"

Guillermo Treminio - journalist

Ariel Hidalgo - writer

Angel Delgado - Performance

Cruz Varela - Poet

Cruz Varela - Poet

Gilberto Ruiz - paintings

Michaelsen - paintings

Homolka-Teale Trial Publicity

Ibsen, The Ghosts

Pon Juan-Francisco - exhibition

Homage to Hans Haacke - Exhibition

Arte Cubano Actual - Exhibition

Hugo, Le Roi s'amuse

Muratova, Syndrome Asthenique

Carpita, Le Rendez-vous des quais

Garcia Lorca - Literature

Oussama, "Etoiles du jour"

Malas, "La Nuit"

Jose Antonio Claros - Literature

Victor Jara - Music

Jorge Pena Hench- Music

Siqueiros - Murals

Jorge Edwards - Literature

Mario Vargas Llosa - literature

Radio Popular

Pablo Molinet - Poet

Bouzid, "Les Sabots en or"

"Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn"

Trotsky's "Report of the Siberian Delegation"

Censorship of Egyptian Cinema

Aldous Huxley's Novels

Manuel Manriquez - Music

Manuel Buendia - Journalist

Micro-Watt Radio

Taiwanese Government Lifts Ban on Oppositional Press

Anti-Defamation Law

Native American Press

Verdi Opera

Nevinson Painting

Lorca Works

Anti-NEA Display Dismantled in The House

Press Freedom and Individual Rights in the UK

Soviet Spring

"La Nation," Mohammed Boudiaf, Procurer de la Republique

"Tell"- Nigerian Magazine

"L'Observateur",Women in Politics

Saburo Ienega's The New History of Japan

"Le Messager's" Pius Njawe

Darwin's theory of evolution in Sudan

Dr. Ushari Mahmoud's "Al Daein Massacre-Slavery Sudan"

Jack Mapanje's "Of Chameleons and Gods"

Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia" banned in Malawi

Chirunga Newsletter, University of Malawi

Malawi Censorship Board bans 840 books and 100 periodicals

Persecution of Black Mauritanians

Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, Hight Tide Humanist Movement

Dread Scott's Proper Flag

David Nelson's "Mirth & Girth"

Artemisia Gallery vs. Chicago Transit Authority

Chicago Flag Exhibition

"L'Humanite" and "Liberation" During Algerian War


"Temoignages et Documents"

French Banned Books List of 1961

Maurice Thorez' "Fils du Peuple"

Ferrari sculptures

Timerman writings

Padin Performances

Outland, Comic Strip

Kennedy Rape Media Ban

Schindler's List in Jordan

Caterpillar, Inc. Chanters

Freedom of the Press, Algeria

August Henkel murals

George Carlin on Pacifica Radio

Diego Rivera murals at Rockefeller Center

Rolling Stones on Ed Sullivan Show

Red Raids, Communist Fears

Comstock Law Book Banning in U.S.

J. Stuart Blackton's The Battle Cry of Peace, W.W.I

Dr. Carl Muck conductor, Boston Symphony Orchestra

SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation)

SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation)

John Peter Zenger, publisher

Sedition Act, Ratification of the First Amendment

Sullivan vs. New York Times Co.

Mother Earth, anarchist publication

Hans Haacke at the Guggenheim Museum

Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

Saudi Arabian Satellite Dish Ban

"Homage to Latin America" - Exhibition

Eduardo Ruano - Happening

Margarita Paksa protest

"Sisiphos" Student Newspaper

Schneider, Charles Videos

Boixados, Maria Dolores Writings

Constantinides, Kathy Installations

Agencia de Viaje Time Capsule

The Plagiarist Suffers

Australian Censorship

Internet Service Provider Censorship

Natural Born Killers banned in Guernsey

People's Portrait Project, Cop Killer photo

Mary Beth Edelson, Some Living American Women Artists/Last Supper

Kentucky State Yearbooks, Kincaid v. Gibson

American Society of Media Photographers exhibit/Andrea London, Strike Three

Jef Bourgeau, Art Until Now

Andy Cox, Citibank Parody

Barbie Art

Book, Music, and Videotape Burning at the Harvest Assembly of God Church

David Horowitz, Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks-and Racist, Too.

Contained/Controlled, Censorship Exhibit

Jonathan Allen, W2001 W2002 W2003 W2004

Hulbert Waldroup, political artist

Focus on the Family Advertisement

Esperanza Center

Elaheh Massumi, Trial

The Story of Colors / La Historia de los Colores: A Bilingual Storybook from the Jungles of Chiapas

'Darling, Our Baby is Handicapped.'

Self Portrait of a Martyr by Lucong

"The Crossing" crossed out of the Alliance Francaise exhibition

Kabbalah/Tarot Series: Archie Rand's dispute with the Brooklyn Union gas Co.

Alleged Theft Silences Art Critical of U.S. Leaders

Arrest for Trespass in Mall for store bought Peace T-Shirt

Arrested for Posting Pictures of Iraqis in Public Space

Picasso's Guernica Covered at United Nations

"King of Jews for the King of Beers," Parody Art Defaced

Rolling Stones Censored in China

Sex Lives of Superheroes

Tchaikovsky's "Peter and the Wolf" Discriminatory to Wolves?

Secrets; an AIDS Education Drama Protested for not Promoting Abstinence

Mural of Black Panther's History has Funding Withdraw

Irwin Schiff and The Federal Mafia

Czech Publisher Convicted for Distributing Mein Kampf

Insulting Turkish Identity;A Criminal Offense

Journalist Interviewing Militants in Turkey Sentenced to 15 Years In Prison

Actors Arrested in Turkey: They are alleged to have insulted the Army

Banned Songs Played in Turkey Billions of Turkish Lire Levied in Fines

Books Banned in TurkeyWriters and Publishers Imprisoned

Diyarbakir National Education Directorate Cancels the Municipality City Theatre's Play.

Folk Dancing Quashed, Organizers Threatened.

Mumbai International Film Festival Censors Indian Citizens

Artist Refuse to Pays Penance to Polish Govt. for her Religious Work Entitled "Passion"

India Censors the Web

Singer Blasphemes Bush's legs and then is Bounced from Borders.

Ashcroft's Agenda: The War on Porn

Suppression of Media in U.S. Occupied Iraq

Los Angeles Community Mural Accused of Promoting Violence

Artist's Work Considered Too Political for Exhibit

Oxford City Council Takes the C out of Colonization and puts it in Censorship

Paintings Removed from Gallery at University of Auburn

Work of Art Defaced at the University of Iowa

The Dixie Chicks get Criticized for "Un-American" Remark

Belarusan Government Confiscates Electronics at Borders

Nigeria Accused of Harassing Journalists

Anti-Chavez Radio is Raided in Venezuela

Indian Court Imprisons Nobel Prize-winning Author

Of Mice and Men

PA Residents Accuse Mexican Artist of "America-bashing"

Breast-feeding considered Pornography in Texas

Smithsonian Exhibit Investigated for Political Advocacy

"Bowling for Columbine" Banned by United Artists Theaters

Pas de cours sur les pirates du réseau

Anti-war Speech Silenced Across America

Lawyers Want Zimbabwe Publishers Freed

China bans pop-song for opium reference

Pepsi questions use of Dixie Chick's endorsement

Washington Post won't publish "Boondocks" comic strip

California public art gallery removes political work

Jethro Tull banned from New Jersey radio station

Azerbaijan's parliament limits free speech

"From Here to Eternity" altered from Jones's original novel

Brazilian photojournalist murdered for controversial photos

Using internet for political purposes in China is illegal

Deepa Mehta's film, Fire, causes violence in India

Iranian journalist punished for political cartoon

Radio station ransacked by local government official in Peru

Chinese student arrested for dissident opinions

Belarusan director censored and assaulted for critical film

Egyptian police sieze "blasphemous" books from publisher

Secret Service silences anti-Bush protester

Chinese law bans internet porn and dissensious material

Indonesian government bans 13 books

Jordanian playwright arrested for critical article

Men arrested in Mauritania for controversial documentary

Turkish justice ministry bans award-winning film

English court refuses to return marijuana grower's guide

Pablo Neruda poem brings charges of terrorist propaganda

Anti-Bush drawing called hate speech by CA exhibit donor

Australian Parliament removes photos of human rights abuses

Chinese officials remove magazine for critical book review

South Carolina production offends southern palate.

peter kennard

State Department removes controversial telegraph from text

Thai editor loses job after criticizing prime minister

Israeli ambassador vandalizes Swedish museum exhibit

Turkish political party threatens movie theaters

Indonesia bans book, "New Era, New Leader."

Indonesia imprisons students for critical pamphleteering

"Sarah Balabagan Story" banned in the Philippines

Itimar Ben Gvir, Israeli artist arrested for political photo

Germany, police arrest neo-Nazi music file sharers

In Iraq, CPA, L. Paul Bremmer III, close newspaper, Al Hawza

New York, Noah Lamy's DUMPBUSH license plate

South Korea, new internet electoral laws

Poland, language purity laws

Turkey, books about Kurdish leader banned and confiscated

Chinua Achebe, Nigerian writer and journalist

Jose de Acosta, Spanish missionary in South America

Ai Qing, Chinese poet

Anna Akhmatova, Russian poet

Al Mustaqilla, Iraqi newspaper opposed to foreign occupation

Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera, banned in Iraq

Jean-Paul Alata, Prison d'Afrique banned in France, 1977

Henri Alleg, French critic of Algerian occupation

Jorge Amado, Brazilian Communist writer

Amos 'n' Andy, NAACP pressures CBS to cancel program

Thodoros Angelopoulos, Greek filmmaker

China allows Cheney on TV, but censors him afterwards

Guillaume Apollinaire, French author, Les Onze Mille Verges

Reinaldo Arenas, exiled Cuban writer

Manlio Argueta, Salvadorean fiction writer and poet

Aleksandr Askoldov, "The Commissar"

Japan, information about atomic bombs' aftermath

Isaak Babel', Russian short Story writer

Juan Antonio Bardem, Spanish film director, writer, actor

Harley Granville Barker, British playwrite, Waste

Andrew Barton, Colonial American dramatist

John Baxter, Love on the Dole

'Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Bayati, Iraqi poet

The Beatles

Samuel Beckett, Irish novelist and dramacist

Pierre-Augustin Caron De Beaumarchais, French playwright

Brendan Behan, Irish writer and playwright, Borstal Boy

Michael Moore, Disney, Fahrenheit 911

Belarus, Radio 101.2 FM

Academic Freedom, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

Vissarion Belinskii, Letter to Gogol', Russia

Mongo Beti, Cameroonian write, France and Cameroon

Herbert J. Biberman, American director, Salt of the Earth

Princess Marthe Bibesco, Romania

The case of the Ph.D. Thesis at the University of Ioannina, Greece, concerning the:' The guerillas of EDES in Epirus - Greece, goals, action and results.'



East Germany, Wolf Biermann, German poet and songwriter

Steve Bantu Biko, South African Political Activist

Francisco Bilbao, Chilean writer

Rup Chand Bista, Nepalese writer and politician

Tandundu E. A. Bisikisi, playwright from Dem. Rep. of Congo

Enid Blyton, British children's book writer

Augosto Boal, an exiled Brazilian playwright

Esteban Echeverria, Argentine poet and writer

Russian film director Sergeii Eisenstein

The "End of the Axis Powers" booklet from India, 1942

Indian Nationalist S.C. Bose

The Boston Chronicle, a colonial American newspaper

British Historian Charles Boxer

The New History of Brazil

Guy Colwell's "The Abuse," San Francisco gallery threatened

Argentine pianist Miguel Angel Estrella

Hungarian poet Gyorgy Faludy

Ming-Chinese official Fang Xiaoru

Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges

South African poet Breyten Breytenbach

China hides dissidents for Tiananmen anniversary

South African poet Dennis Brutus

Russian poet Joseph Brodsky

Brazilian musician Chico Buarque de Hollanda

Hessian playwright and activist Georg Buchner

Russian playwright Mikhail Bulgakov

Chinese physicist and free speech activist Fang Lizhi

Somalian writer Nuruddin Farah

Chinese academic advocate Fei Xiaotong

Chinese poet Feng Xuefeng

Director of "Los Chicos" Marco Ferreri

British playwright Henry Fielding

Paraguayan musician Jose Asuncion Flores

The Internet as a form of censorship...

the "Spiegel"-affair

Secret Journal 1836-1837 (Tayniye Zapiski 1836-1837 godov)

Litterary censorship in Quebec

Localodades em Eminência - Places of eminent conflict


German Government Denies Visa to South African Activist

el turista cortés

Historias de la Universidad

Nicky Nodjoumi

Anti-war art display banned in Australia



Concord Poetry Center

suspension for trying to fire art teacher

Removing painting Borders on censorship

Arab Authors Push the Limits of Social and Political Freedom

DWG | Dirty Works Greece

Socio-political Mural Removed from Exhibit at CA Parole Museum

el salto...

Play About American Demonstrator Rachel Corrie Indefinitely Delayed out of Political "Sensitivity"

Politically themed artwork removed from Michigan town hall

grave censor

No me dejaron escupir a la profesora de lengua en el colegio

Play canceled in Paris after playwright gave speech at Milosevic's funeral

Ronstadt thrown out of Vegas casino after song dedication to Michael Moore

Award winning anti-Bush drawing not displayed at exhibit

Malaysian government bans film on Communist leader

War related art exhibit canceled in Ohio

Chinese film screened at Cannes Film Festival despite not receiving approval from censorship committee

Government orders Chinese galleries to remove politically sensitive works

Scarfe's political cartoons removed from gallery

Pete Seeger concert head in high school auditorium despite objections from the school board

Statute destroyed in Egypt in response to a fatwa

Kentucky government censors political watchdog site

Malaysian Government Bans Documentary on Former Communist Leader

Sculpture removed from Milford, Connecticut chapter of American Red Cross

Egyptian Parliament Demands Censorship of "Yacoubian Building"

Siqueiros Mural in Los Angeles

Elif Shafak and other writers face charges for “Insulting Turkishness”

Internet censorship in Qatar

Iranian painter cannot publicly exhibit her work

German minister of agriculture bans advertisement against genetic engineering

Spanish television station cuts Muntadas' film

David Cerny's artwork "Shark" pulled from exibition called "Shadows of humor"

Borat Banned in Russia and Elsewhere

U.S. Billboard company refuses to run ad campaign in which same-sex couples are pictured holding hands

Billboard company rejects ad campaign from Georgia Equality, an LGBT rights group, due to its content

Advertisement campaign by banned

Student magazine confiscated and teacher fired

German magazine cancels public display of an American's film due to its questionable content

Thai government threatens to censor opera

Lebanese television station banned by the U.S. government

Artist censored by the Iranian government for nudity

Qatar censors websites

Woman indicted on obscenity charges over Web site that featured child-sex, torture stories

Critics of abstinence-only education banned from speaking at a national conference on the prevention of sexually transmited diseases.

Art magazine censored by U.S. IRS

Books under threat of censorship in Arkansas public schools

Egyptian writer, human rights defender and columist Farag Foda shot dead by militants from a fundamentalist group

Saudi Arabian poet Sadiq Melallah beheaded

Algerian writer Tahar Djaout murdered by the Armed Islamic Group

Youssef Sebti, Algerian sociologist, writer and poet assassinated by Islamist activists

Algerian playwright Abdelkader Alloula killed by Islamic extremists

Iranian cartoonist Manouchehr Karimzadeh in prison for illustration

Bangladeshi author and doctor Taslima Nasreen threatened by Islamic fundamentalists

Naguib Mahfouz, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the victim of an attempted assassination by Islamic extremists

Scholar, historian, and author Saiidi Sirjani murdered in Iranian prison

Indian poet Muhammad Alvi excommunicated

Al-Azhar University compiles a list of 196 books to be banned on moral and religious grounds

Kowetiennes writer, Laila al-Othman, convicted of using indecent language and defamatory expressions in novel.

Kowetiennes scholar and writer, Alia Shuaib, convicted of publishing opinions that ridicule religion blasphemy in a book she published in 1993, "Spiders Bemoan a Wound"

Writer Haydar Haydar declared an apostate and sentenced to death by Islamists in Egypt for his book "A Banquet for Seaweed"

Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh murdered by Moroccan Islamists in Amsterdam

Bill Paul's artwork attacked for being anti-Christian, pornographic and homoerotic

Art show to close a week early for "disturbing" pictures of a naked seven-year old girl

Mural painted by nine teenagers in Brooklyn, New York is covered up due to its violent and provocative subject matter

Six prints by convicted murderer Jack Kevorkian removed from a gallery but the building's owner for provocative subject matter

Sculpture to tribute John F. Kennedy Jr. depicting President Kennedy walking with his grown son is put on hold after many argue the image - a historical anachronism - is in poor taste.


"No es seri este cementerio" Los Gru

"No es serio este cementerio" Los Gru

An Inconvenient Truth

Frank Capra: American film director, directed the series Why We Fight

Charles Chaplin: British Film Actor and Director

Chen Kaige: Chinese Film Director, director of Ben Wang Bie Je ("Farewell My Concubine")


E.E Cummings' "The Enormous Room" tells of his censorship

Dante's "De Moncarchia" censored by Pope

Honore Daumier's caricature "Gargantua" censored by French government

Blaga Dimitrova: Bulgarian poet, novelist, essayist, and playwright

Ding Ling: Chinese novelist and editor

Theodore Dreiser's books censored in United States

Drugi Obieg (Second Circulation): Polish Unofficial Publishing Network

Romanian Writer Constantin Dumitrescu

Dong Thu Huong: Vietnamese Novelist and Critic

Sergeii Eisenstein, Russian Film Director, censored by Stalin

Latin American and Spanish dance Fandango censored in Spain

Artwork censored in exhibit honoring Chinese New Year

Czech social comedy "The Firemen's Ball" censored

Zairean singer and composer Franco censored

Documentary "Days of Rage: The Young Palestinians" Faces Censorship

Freie Voksbuhne (Free People's Theater)

Eduardo Galeano: Anti-censorship activist and historian

Spanish film director Luis Garcia Berlanga censored under Franco

Nazi campaign against degenerate art

Nazi campaign against degenerate music

French caricaturist Andre Gill

American poet Allen Ginsberg

Nikolai Gogol's masterpiece "Mertvye Dushi: Poema" ("Dead Souls") Censored

Nadine Gordimer Fights Censorship

Maksim Gor'kii Fights and is Overcome by Censorship

Fransisco Goya, Spanish Painter, Possibly Faced Censorship

Argentine journalist Andrew Graham-Yooll Faces Censorship From a Series of Dictatorships

Antonio Gramsci, Italian political thinker and activist, censored by Fascists and Communists

Franz Grillparzer Censored by Hapsburgs

George Grosz: German Caricaturist

SCAD Art History

SCAD Art History

J. M. Harcourt's Upsurge banned as Communist propoganda

Contemporary Russian Artwork Not Allowed Through Customs For Exhibition in Dresden

Censorship of Venezuelan Television Network

U.S. Soldiers Denied Access to Certain Internet Cites

Student banners removed over political content

Cocaine Energy Drink

Tekle Hawariat's play, "Fabula," creates ban on dramatic performances in Ethiopia

Akram Haniyya

Desaparicion de Oesterheld y sus hijas 1978

Desaparicion de Oesterheld y sus hijas 1978

Censorship of Peruvian Cartoonist's Work by Government


Banning of Yan Lianke's novels in China

Russian customs agents confiscate photographs to be displayed in London

German Poet Heinrich Heine

Pamphlet promoting free love banned from distribution in United States

The poetry of Nazim Hikmet

Political Satire in 19th century England

Cancelled Lawrence of Arabia film

John Huston's films suppressed by US Army

Documentary on African revolutions cut and restricted to promote apartheid

Miklós Jancsó's "The Round Up"

The films of Derek Jarman

Pat Oleszko performance too political for East Hampton Artists Alliance

András Jeles film banned in Hungary for being too philosophical

Spanish theatre group, Els Joglars, imprisoned by military

Spanish Judge orders satirical magazine pulled for depicting royalty having sex

Spanish Judge orders satirical magazine pulled for depicting royalty having sex

Oppression of theater in Sierra Leone

Czech government frames singer

Milan Kundera's "The Joke"

Poetry of Reiner Kunze

Mikhail Lermontov's "Death of a Poet"

Chinese censorship of Li Zhi

Li Jiantong's biography of Liu Zhidan

The White Book on Repression in Algeria

Dusan Makavejev's "W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism"

Two Kurdish journalists sentenced to death in Iran

Olneyville censors trash can designs based on political content

Osip Mandel'shtam's Stalin epigram

The Black Envelope

Lowe-Porter's translations of Thomas Mann

The assassination of Georgi Markov

Painter Franciszek Kulon wins settlement in lawsuit against Sullivan County

French film commision bans Chris Marker's controversial film on Cuba under the regime of Fidel Castro

Peter Matthiessen's book "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" called under question by US governor and FBI officials

Jiri Menzel's "Skylarks on a String"

Russian theater director, Vsevolod Meyerhold, censored and ultimately murdered for the political context of his plays

Anti-Spain play banned after Spain threats to sevar all relations with England

Joseph Stalin orders the murder of famed Yiddish actor and director, Solomon Mikhoels

Famed dramatist, Arthur Miller, censored and attacked for allegedly criticizing McCarthyism

Edward Said

Friedrich von Schiller's Wilhelm Tell

Russian Ministry bars provocative work from Paris show


Homage to the Splasher

Belarus Free Theater arrests over Edward Bonds Eleven Vests

Rabih Mroue's performance piece banned

Thomas Rude: "American Standard"

ash Art Project

Censorship in Switzerland

Dos videos sobre Farc retirados de exposición en Inglaterra por embajador colombiano

Moustapha Akkad, "Lion of the Desert (Omar Mukhtar)"


City Council cancels artist's exhibition over controversial Muslim artwork

National Press Club (NPC) of the Philippines alter mural without artist's permission

Bush, Cheney Collages Banned - Artwork Made from Flags Called a "Desecration"

Hague Museum Pulls Art by Sooreh Hera as Offensive to Muslims

Surendran Nair Work Withdrawn from National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi

Nineteen Eightyfour

Canadian's Photography of Palestinians removed, deemed "too pro-Palestinian"

exhibition title: Don't trust me

Gladys Barker Grauer works censored in Morristown, NJ

Vom Polizeigriff zum Übergriff

Contemporary art exhibit from Prishtina closed in Belgrade

"5 min de objetividad ante una escultura verde en Bilbao"

Nancy Worthington's artwork "Gateway to Hope" censored in China

Painting Banned From Public Exhibition Due to Political Content

Artwork Depicting an Antlered Queen "Too Political" for Quebec

Previously Censored Mongolian Modern Art Triumphs in New Exhibition at Ulan Baatar

El Paso Mall Management Demands Removal of Works From an Exhibit

Chinese Government Censors Art Exhibits to Assert More Control Over Expression During 2008 Olympic Games

Canadian Non-profit Association Orders Artist to Remove Image of Karl Marx From Public Mural

UCLA's 2008 Wight Biennial censored Maya Lujan's "White Magic and Xandu" mandala symbol for resembling a swastika.

David Cerny's 'Bulgaria toilet art' covered by Czech government

Birmingham removes Mohammed Ali's "Free Gaza" mural from building.

MFA Student at the San Francisco Art Institute "formally reprimanded" by the administration for videotaping an on-campus protest

"Denied Advancement"

Kano State Censorship Board in Nigeria bans 11 Hausa songs for being immoral, obscene and confrontational

Cameroonian artist Mbanga facing enduring legal battle over controversial song lyrics

Nigerian nightclub closed by authorities after political activity of owner

Zimbabwe national radio bans controversial musician Hosiah Chipanga after an anti-government song is released

Russia's anti-extremist laws censor political art.

Academy of American Poets

Inside Higher Ed

Watertown Free Public Library, Massachusetts

Photos of Palestinian Life Removed

BEFORE, WHILE AND AFTER MY UNWILLING PREGNANCY. if u censor my now, then you have a second one!

BEFORE, WHILE AND AFTER MY UNWILLING PREGNANCY. if u censor my now, then you have a second one!

Mr Grimes

Shepard Fairey murals painted over in KY.

Censor of a high school art's project

MTV bans female rapper's "suicidal" video

Controversy over painting of Adolf Hitler

Political Painting in Australia Denied To Be Hung Up Without Any Explanation Given.

Internet Censorship in Belarus

Two Men Found Guilty in Russia Over Art That the State Deemed to Incite Hatred

Malta sponsoring extreme censorship

Rancho Shock

I like America, America doesn't like me


Ahlam Shibli at Jeu de paume Paris

Removal of 'LACK' fly-posters/artwork from Gallery frontage in Malvern


Trinity Preparatory School "The Bird Cage"

Little India Riots at race course road.










































































Self-portrait with Jewish Identity Card

24 presos políticos en España

Not Dressed for Conquering/Haute Couture 04 Transport

















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