Name: Schindler's List in Jordan

Date:  1985 - 1995

Location:  Middle East and Caucasus

SubjectRacial/Ethnic , Political/Economic/Social Opinion

MediumFilm Video

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Artist: Steven Spielberg, Director

Confronting Bodies: Jordanian officials

Date of Action: 1994

Specific Location: Jordan

Description of Artwork: The true story of how a WWII era businessman saved hundreds of Jews from Nazi execution.

Description of Incident: The film has received critical acclaim internationally. Jordanian officials are considering banning theaters from showing the film. "If it is totally designed to show sympathy to the Jews, we will not allow it in because of the current situation after the Hebron massacre," said a member of Jordan's committee that authorizes the screening of new films. "How can we expect our people to show sympathy to the Jews if the Jews are not showing any sympathy to the Arabs?" he asked.

Results of Incident: Pirated copies of the film are already available at video shops in Amman. No official word yet on whether the film will be publicly screening in Jordan.

Source: Chicago Sun Times (Reuters), March 3, 1994

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