Name: Singer Blasphemes Bush's legs and then is Bounced from Borders.

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  North America

SubjectLanguage , Political/Economic/Social Opinion

MediumPersonal Opinion , Music

Artist: Julia Rose.

Confronting Bodies: Borders Bookstore.

Date of Action: July 26, 2003.

Specific Location: Virginia.

Description of Artwork: A music CD of Julia Rose, a singer song-writer.

Description of Incident: Julia Rose had tour dates at Borders cancelled and her CDs pulled from the shelves following her statement that "George Bush has chicken legs."

Results of Incident: Borders canceled their contract with Julia Rose and removed her CDs from the store. Management claimed Julia's lack of appeal with local clientele in Virginia was the cause of the cancellation, although May Korsun, the marketing manager for Borders, cited Julia's "chicken leg" comment as the reason.

Source: Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

Submitted By: Peter Silverman, NCAC

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