Retrieved 71 cases for medium 'Music'

Musician Jean Michel Jarre's censored in concert in Egypt

Kukrudu Performance

GWAR Show in Georgia

Erotic Music Law in Washington State

Malaysian Rap Group Banned from Radio and Television

People's Cultural Movement Association

Victor Jara - Music

Jorge Pena Hench- Music

Manuel Manriquez - Music

Verdi Opera

Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia" banned in Malawi

2 Live Crew

Rolling Stones on Ed Sullivan Show

Dr. Carl Muck conductor, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Indigo Girls' canceled high school concerts

Book, Music, and Videotape Burning at the Harvest Assembly of God Church

Tchaikovsky's "Peter and the Wolf" Discriminatory to Wolves?

Frank Zappa, American composer and musician

Banned Songs Played in Turkey Billions of Turkish Lire Levied in Fines

Singer Blasphemes Bush's legs and then is Bounced from Borders.

The Dixie Chicks get Criticized for "Un-American" Remark

U.S. District Court Grants Vapo and Glow Sticks for Ravers

Insane Clown Posse merchandise removed after teen suicide

China bans pop-song for opium reference

Eminem is banned from performing in Daytona, Florida

Pepsi questions use of Dixie Chick's endorsement

Jethro Tull banned from New Jersey radio station

Rock group Kittie declawed in Texas

South African artist's song banned for sexual reference

Vietnamese government destroys "poisonous cultural goods"

Oregon school suspends 12 year-old who likes rock music

Germany, police arrest neo-Nazi music file sharers

"Anaphase," a performance by Israel'sBatsheva Dance Company

Meneo móbil rave

Argentine pianist Miguel Angel Estrella

Brazilian musician Chico Buarque de Hollanda

Cuban musician Pedro Luis Ferrer

Paraguayan musician Jose Asuncion Flores

Leaving the Monkhood for Love song banned

Ronstadt thrown out of Vegas casino after song dedication to Michael Moore

Maine gallery refuses to allow certain song lyrics to accompany artist's paintings

Tropicalia Revolutionary Movement in Brazil

Controversial rap artist unable to get visa to enter United States


Drumming censored in Yorubaland, Nigeria

Latin American and Spanish dance Fandango censored in Spain

Zairean singer and composer Franco censored

Nazi campaign against degenerate music

Czech government frames singer

The music of Gyorgy Ligeti

Attack on anti-gay lyrics of Bounty Killa and Banton

Kano State Censorship Board in Nigeria bans 11 Hausa songs for being immoral, obscene and confrontational

Cameroonian artist Mbanga facing enduring legal battle over controversial song lyrics

Zimbabwe national radio bans controversial musician Hosiah Chipanga after an anti-government song is released

Senegalese singer boycotted, threatened by religious groups after album release

French rapper removed from summer music festival

Opera Sextronique















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