Retrieved 179 cases for medium 'Painting'


WAR, an exhibition by Alex Donis

Amadou Diallo memorial mural by Hulbert Waldroup

The Secret Cabinet of Pompeian erotica

Painting of WTC tragedy by Paul D. Trice

Male nudes by Sylvia Sleigh

Michele Tuohey's Painting "Butterfly."

Self-portrait by Ryan D

Paintings by Alberto Gomez

Art Students vs Baptist Church

Oglesby Mural

Campbell Drawings

Spivey Paintings

Claudio Painting

Second Chance Mural

"Freedom Series" in Elgin, Illinois

Rivera Paintings - Paris

Rivera - Hotel Reforma

Gilberto Ruiz - paintings

Michaelsen - paintings

Pon Juan-Francisco - exhibition

Homage to Hans Haacke - Exhibition

Arte Cubano Actual - Exhibition

Garcia Lorca - Literature

Siqueiros - Murals

Carroll, Mary Cate Paintings

Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs

Langer Paintings/Drawings

Nevinson Painting

Nguyen Quang Phuc Paintings

David Nelson's "Mirth & Girth"

Chicago Flag Exhibition

Baseball Exhibit, "Diamonds Are For Ever"

David Wojnarowicz

Diego Rivera murals at Rockefeller Center

"Homage to Latin America" - Exhibition

Margarita Paksa protest

State Capitol, Olympia, Washington

Michael Savage, Siren-WY art show

Lynn Zachreson, censored artist

Laura Ferguson Crouching Figure with Visible Skeleton and others

An Alexander Kanevsky painting at the Frame Shop and Eierweiss Gallery

Brooklyn Museum

Hulbert Waldroup, political artist

Gwen, Maxine Henderson

Guliani against NYC street artists

Hulbert Waldroup, Diallo Mural

Student art in Oklahoma - PIE

Self Portrait of a Martyr by Lucong

Kabbalah/Tarot Series: Archie Rand's dispute with the Brooklyn Union gas Co.

Picasso's Guernica Covered at United Nations

"King of Jews for the King of Beers," Parody Art Defaced

New Male Nudes

Parents of Arizona School Children Claim Images of Art Illuminaries Inappropriate for School Children

University of Mobile Censors Painting


Mural of Black Panther's History has Funding Withdraw

Artists and the Russian Orthodox Church collide. The Result: Broken Art Beleaguered Constitution.

Exhibit Containing Male Nudes Covered for Fundraising Event

California Gallery Asked to Remove Nude Male Image

Local Authorities Object to San Francisco Bay Area Mural

Paintings Removed from Gallery at University of Auburn

Nevada County, CA Public Officials Remove Nudes

Painting about Love is Removed from a New York Library

New York Visitor Center Objects to Nude Women

Michael Meads Removes Works Fearing Controversy

California Community Theater Group Removes Painting

Colorado Fire Chief Orders the Removal of Nude Drawings

Delaware High School Removes Award-winning Nude Drawing

University of Iowa Removes Paintings in Fine Arts Festival

University of Iowa Removes Nude Image from Arts Festival

Texas gallery threatens removal of work containing nudes

South Carolina museum removes Sherer's "New Male Nudes"

Mural replaced, tears shed

Withdrawal of “Asperges Me” by Thierry de Gortier from the International Art Exhibition in Greece

Indian artist, Maqbool Fida Hussain investigated by police

Texas, teacher fired for defending student artwork

Shawn Dell Joyce, "She Nourishes," Newburgh, New York

Thomas Eakins, an American painter and art professor

Guy Colwell's "The Abuse," San Francisco gallery threatened

Russian painter Robert Falk

Modigliani nudes

Nicky Nodjoumi

Art copies

"Creation of Adam" covered up in AZ school

Removing painting Borders on censorship

Nudity Nixed Inside North Vancouver District Hall

Greek Museum Curator Ioakimidis on Trial

Lloyd Marcus paintings with references to religion removed

University of Tennessee Mural Covered Up

Drawings by Palestinian children censored at Brandeis University

Award winning anti-Bush drawing not displayed at exhibit

Four paintings removed from office due to content

Nude artwork banned from college art exhibit

Government orders Chinese galleries to remove politically sensitive works

M.F. Husain faces possible censorship

Maine gallery refuses to allow certain song lyrics to accompany artist's paintings

Asia House Gallery cancel Husain exhibition after Hindu groups threatens protest and vandalism incident

Portrait of dog removed from exhibition

Mayor Bloomberg attempts to ban graffiti art exhibition

Siqueiros Mural in Los Angeles

Police threaten to shut down "obscene" art exhibition in India

Iranian painter cannot publicly exhibit her work

Whitechapel Gallery Censors Hans Bellmer

Male Nude in Shop Window Censored, Escondido, CA

Painting cut from art exhibit because of its non-traditional representation of a religious figure

Artist censored by the Iranian government for nudity

Iranian cartoonist Manouchehr Karimzadeh in prison for illustration

Group art exhibit “Sex is Art” shut down by town officials in Anville, Pennsylvania

Community College in Florida cancels censorship exhibit after requesting that a portion of a mural featuring erect penises be removed from the show

Nearly seven years after "Presumed Innocent" opened, the French art exhibit continues to come under scrutiny for sexually explicit pieces

City of Pontiac, Michigan makes obscenity charges on Detroit artist

Many find Chicago-based artist's depiction of the "Last Supper" to be religiously offensive

Painting containing male nudity is censored by a local area arts council in Tennessee

Mural painted by nine teenagers in Brooklyn, New York is covered up due to its violent and provocative subject matter

Painting of nude woman on a cross is banned from a Honolulu art exhibit; ACLU sues the city claiming the artist was unfairly censored

Gustave Courbet's painting "The Bathers" the cause of much controversy

Gustave Courbet's painting "The Bathers" the cause of much controversy

Thomas Eakins (1844-1916): American Painter and art teacher

Nazi campaign against degenerate art

Fransisco Goya, Spanish Painter, Possibly Faced Censorship

Painter targeted over religious-bias

Censorship of Peruvian Cartoonist's Work by Government

"Forbidden Art" exhibit of previously barred artwork In Russia under investigation

Painter Franciszek Kulon wins settlement in lawsuit against Sullivan County

life drawins stripper from the wyvern theater gallery in swindon

Joshua Camozzi Milligan: "Sweet Jesus& A Reaction to a Stolen Water Bottle"

Thomas Rude: "American Standard"

Visitor to British Art Gallery censors male nude painting

City Council cancels artist's exhibition over controversial Muslim artwork

National Press Club (NPC) of the Philippines alter mural without artist's permission

Bush, Cheney Collages Banned - Artwork Made from Flags Called a "Desecration"

Surendran Nair Work Withdrawn from National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi

Gladys Barker Grauer works censored in Morristown, NJ

Contemporary art exhibit from Prishtina closed in Belgrade

Painting Banned From Public Exhibition Due to Political Content

Previously Censored Mongolian Modern Art Triumphs in New Exhibition at Ulan Baatar

El Paso Mall Management Demands Removal of Works From an Exhibit

Chinese Government Censors Art Exhibits to Assert More Control Over Expression During 2008 Olympic Games

Nudes taken down from public exhibition at Harrow Arts Centre

Birmingham removes Mohammed Ali's "Free Gaza" mural from building.

Nguyen Kim Dinh nude paintings banned from exhibit by Hue City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Australia's Tea Tree Gallery Council censors nudes by Margaret Tuckey and Scott Eames

Nude paintings removed from British hospital exhibit

Shepard Fairey murals painted over in KY.

Censor of a high school art's project

Painting of Breastfeeding Removed from Facebook

Controversy over painting of Adolf Hitler

Political Painting in Australia Denied To Be Hung Up Without Any Explanation Given.

Two Men Found Guilty in Russia Over Art That the State Deemed to Incite Hatred

Malta sponsoring extreme censorship

Rancho Shock

I like America, America doesn't like me


censure des dessins de Atelier Van Lieshout dans l'exposition 'Actualites' au Rectangle, a lyon

The Three Graces by Cranach

David Zwirner talking about censored Marlène Dumas's paintings at Abu Dhabi art fair





















Self-portrait with Jewish Identity Card

Traquini, Ne m'oublie pas

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