Retrieved 84 cases for medium 'Sculpture'

Nude by Vincent Mazo

“The Wonders of The Heavens and Flying” by Susan Narduli

Prints and sculpture by Janette Hopper and Sharon Rupp

Michelangelo's David in Lake Alfred

The Secret Cabinet of Pompeian erotica

"Chastity Belt" by Joy Crane

"Tumbling Woman" at Rockefeller Center

Art Students vs Baptist Church

August Rodin in Utah

"Just Another Creation Theory" and "Pregnant Man-Complete!"

Otterness Sculpture

Sculpture Removed at 4-H Art Fair in MN

Images of "David" banned in OR schools

Stella's "The Town-Ho's Story"

Ferrari sculptures

"Homage to Latin America" - Exhibition

Margarita Paksa protest

Evers, Hans "Identidem"

Milo Gralnick, Slaughterhouse Fairytales

David Replica

Student art in Oklahoma - PIE

"The Crossing" crossed out of the Alliance Francaise exhibition

Artists and the Russian Orthodox Church collide. The Result: Broken Art Beleaguered Constitution.

Artist Refuse to Pays Penance to Polish Govt. for her Religious Work Entitled "Passion"

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Removes "Inappropriate" Exhibit

Work of Art Defaced at the University of Iowa

Barney's Department Store removes Blasphemous Sculpture

University of Alabama Locks Nude Sculpture in Closet

Military Recruiting Center Influences Sculpture's Removal

Massachusetts Gallery Owner Hides Piece for 3 Months

Russian museum directors close religious exhibit

Passages: Ceramic Heads and Figures by Louise Radochonski

Danny Yung, Hong Kong artist, censored by German officials

Giant vulva sculpture covered in San Fran Masonic hall


Hiram Powers "The Greek Slave"

Crocheted Nude Sculptures Are Told to Cover Up

Nude artwork banned from college art exhibit

City Council decides to permanently remove nude sculpture

Statute destroyed in Egypt in response to a fatwa

Sculpture removed from Milford, Connecticut chapter of American Red Cross

David Cerny's artwork "Shark" pulled from exibition called "Shadows of humor"

Auburn University censors student's sculpture banning it from exhibition

Bill Paul's artwork attacked for being anti-Christian, pornographic and homoerotic

National Roman Catholic group protests Napa Art Exhibit

A replica of Michelangelo’s “David” placed by Florida store owners outside their business are pressured into wrapping a cloth around the Biblical figure’s waist

Naked statue of Greek God Horrifies parents at a California home schooling convention; City officials allow the parents to clothe the seemingly harmless statue

Sculpture to tribute John F. Kennedy Jr. depicting President Kennedy walking with his grown son is put on hold after many argue the image - a historical anachronism - is in poor taste.

Sexual sculpture removed from Indian gallery

Italy's first gay art exhibit cancelled

Chinese Government Cancels Art Exhibit By Controversial Artist

Terence Koh's "Gone, Yet Still" exhibit comprising of inconic figurines with erections causes lawsuit at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

David Cerny's 'Bulgaria toilet art' covered by Czech government

Australia's Tea Tree Gallery Council censors nudes by Margaret Tuckey and Scott Eames

French court orders ban on Chinese body parts show "Our Body: The Universe Within"

James Parlin sculpture "The Middle School Science Teacher Makes a Decision Hell Live to Regret" is removed by a dean from a BGSU art exhibition.

City of San Marcos tries to remove car-turned-visual art from public view.

Censorship and vetoed of a artwork by Michelin Group


























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