Retrieved 122 cases for medium 'Photography'

Photos by Linda Griffith

Male nudes by Patricia Ridenour

Photographs by Jaime Carrera

Images of Palestinian life from 1948 to 1998

Nationalists close Ron Haviv exhibition in Kragujevac, Serbia

The imprisonment of artist-photographer Thomas Condon in USA

Photographs by Jill Friedman

Photographs of Evan Johnson

"schutzloses (01)" (untprotected (01))

Gordon Photos

Loussac Library

"Tucuman arde" exhibition

"Porn'Im'Age'Ry" At University of Michigan

Exhibition at Tyneside, England Railway Station

Alexandria Museum of Art

Serrano's "Pieta II"

"Seeing Red, White or Blue"

"Oscar with Chicken"

Today's Special, a civil rights history installation

Beaubien Photo Objects

Robert Mapplethorpe Traveling Exhibition

David Wojnarowicz

Jock Sturges

Luger de Luxe Photos

Madonna's "Sex" Book

Pure Pleasure Adult Bookstore

Susan Narduli, Men in Flight

People's Portrait Project, Cop Killer photo

Alma Lopez, Our Lady

American Society of Media Photographers exhibit/Andrea London, Strike Three

Barbie Art

Jock Sturges and Barnes & Noble

Guliani against NYC street artists

Ed Pepe, But

'Darling, Our Baby is Handicapped.'

Poor Lonesome Lisa, The Stupid Sad Slut

Student art in Oklahoma - PIE

"Racial Tension" an Installation Censored

Arrested for Posting Pictures of Iraqis in Public Space

San Diego Police Threaten Gallery Owners with Arrest

Artist Stripped of Recognition in Pennsylvania Exhibit

Awareness of Alternative Lifestyles upheld in Massachusetts

Mistaken Case of Child Pornography Lands Mother in Prison

New Hampshire College Student's Photograpy Projects Removed

New Mexico State Fair Places Ban on Nudes

Breast-feeding considered Pornography in Texas

Smithsonian Exhibit Investigated for Political Advocacy

Abstract photographs of nudes removed from Oklahoma Art Center

Community College in Alabama Removes Photo Exhibit

Ohio Gallery Removes Photos; Fears Violating Obscenity Laws

President Clinton denied peek at nude photo

Brazilian photojournalist murdered for controversial photos

Australian Parliament removes photos of human rights abuses

Los Angeles photographer's home raided by police

Middle schooler suspended for issue of Sports Illustrated

Israeli ambassador vandalizes Swedish museum exhibit

Itimar Ben Gvir, Israeli artist arrested for political photo

England, Betsy Schneider, images of daughter nude

Boris Mikhailov

Kiki Lamers accused of child pornography

AZ Photo Teacher Dismissed for Students' Photos

Library of Congress Cancels Slavery Exhibit

Naked Man with Watermelon Photograph Vandalized

Girbaud Ad Banned in France and Italy

el salto...

ASU's Student Recreation Complex refuses to display prints of female underwear

Photographer Ejected From Street Arts Festival

German officials refuse to hang poster featuring a photographed nude

Whitechapel Gallery Censors Hans Bellmer

U.S. Billboard company refuses to run ad campaign in which same-sex couples are pictured holding hands

Billboard company rejects ad campaign from Georgia Equality, an LGBT rights group, due to its content

Advertisement campaign by banned

Group art exhibit “Sex is Art” shut down by town officials in Anville, Pennsylvania

Art show to close a week early for "disturbing" pictures of a naked seven-year old girl

City of Pontiac, Michigan makes obscenity charges on Detroit artist

Troy University art student sues after nude photos are banned from art exhibit

Simon & Schuster says no to a picture-book containing an image of a child dressed as a witch for Halloween, author/illustrator Ken Robbins finds new publishing house.

Detroit museum director shuts down highly anticipated modern art exhibit due to potentially offensive artwork

Lecture by the celebrated photographer Sally Mann ignites controversy; Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore enraged by Mann’s show at the state-funded Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and takes a strong stand

Judge rules that two books of photography by famed artists were obtained from a San Diego public library by a convicted petophile and used for sexual purposes; Judge's ruling leads the public library to review the books in question

Censorship of Women's Art in Poland

Nude, non-sexual photography exhibition refused permission

Russian customs agents confiscate photographs to be displayed in London

Singapore exhibition rejected over photos of gay couples kissing

Nan Goldin photograph seized as possible child porn

Russian Ministry bars provocative work from Paris show


Hague Museum Pulls Art by Sooreh Hera as Offensive to Muslims

Canadian's Photography of Palestinians removed, deemed "too pro-Palestinian"

Censorship of Bill Henson Photographs at the "Creative Australia 2020 Summit"

Vom Polizeigriff zum Übergriff

Contemporary art exhibit from Prishtina closed in Belgrade

Pilsen Gallery covers Amir Normandi's photo "True You" of nude Muslim woman

Nicole Boenig McGrade's photo, "Kids in Suburbia," was removed from Subiaco Library exhibit because the children's shirts were off.

Harper College removed Amir Normandi photography after Muslim students protested

UNCW pulls nude photos of minors from Frank Cordelle's The Century Project

Photos of Palestinian Life Removed

Kaucyila Brooke's photo collage "Tit for Twat" censored from Bucharest Biennale.

Fenomenale feminatheek

Photograph of nude 10-year-old Brooke Shields removed from the Tate Modern a day before the exhibit was to open.

Two Men Found Guilty in Russia Over Art That the State Deemed to Incite Hatred

Ahlam Shibli at Jeu de paume Paris

Married Couple in a Church Group Slanders and Forces Sculptural Illustrator to Remove Non-Pornographic Nudes, Books & Websites from the Internet

















24 presos políticos en España

The Bravo magazine raised the age border for harmless nude photographs in a sex education series from 16 to 18

Circus Christi

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