Name: Exhibition at Tyneside, England Railway Station

Date:  1985 - 1995

Location:  Europe



Artist: Still Gallery, Zone Gallery and The Centre for Contemporary Art

Confronting Bodies: New Castle Central Station

Date of Action: June 1993

Specific Location: Tyneside, England

Description of Artwork: The exhibition, "Public & Private," which highlights the discrepancies between people's private lives and their public face, displays the work of 12 artists.

Description of Incident: The exhibition was abruptly shut down after it was found that some of the photographs could be construed as pornographic or offensive. The station manager at Newcastle Central Station called in the Transport Police after he spotted the two nude photographs at a preview. They jointly decided to close the "Public & Private" exhibition immediately.

Results of Incident: An attempt was made to swap photographs from the other galleries to install at the train station.

Source: Evening Chronicle, 6/9/93

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