Name: High School Video, "Melancholianne"

Date:  1985 - 1995

Location:  North America


MediumVideo Art

Artist: Tulare County, CA high school students

Confronting Bodies: High school officials

Date of Action: 1992

Specific Location: Tulare County, California

Description of Artwork: "Melancholianne" is a video made by students about teen pregnancy.

Description of Incident: The video made by high school students in Tulare County, California about teen pregnancy was censored by school officials, because the video utilized profanity.

Results of Incident: The Northern California ACLU represented the students in a case against the school officials, and the students received a preliminary injunction to show the video in June 1992. Later, in December 30, 1992, the injunction was overturned by Judge Gerald Sevier ruling that the video constituted "obscene expression," and therefore could be restricted.

Source: ACLU Arts Censorship Project Newsletter, Spring 1993

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