Name: Monty Python's Life of Brian

Date:  1976 - 1984 , 1985 - 1995 , 1995 - 2005

Location:  Europe


MediumFilm Video

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Artist: Monty Python

Confronting Bodies: Norway, Ireland, Devon, Aberystwyth

Date of Action: 1979

Specific Location: Norway, Ireland, Devon, Aberystwyth

Description of Artwork: The film is a satire on politics and organized religion. It follows the adventures of Brian, a contemporary of Jesus Christ, who joins a political movement to rid Judea of the Romans and, in the process, becomes a messiah to a group of people.

Description of Incident: There was a great deal of controversy surrounding the film because some groups viewed it as blasphemous and making fun of the story of Christ. It was banned in Norway and Ireland and in municipalities in England.

Results of Incident: Norway lifted their ban on the film a year after the release. Ireland did not allow the film to be shown until 1987. The town of Devon revoked their ban in September 2008, and Aberystwyth in Wales lifted their ban in 2009.


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