Name: Michael Diana Comix

Date:  1985 - 1995

Location:  North America

SubjectExplicit Sexuality , Religious

MediumPrint Journalism

image description
Artist: Michael Christopher Diana

Confronting Bodies: State of Florida

Date of Action: April 1993

Specific Location

Description of Artwork: Underground comic books "that laugh at society while poking fun at its ills. Chock full of obscenity and smut." (Hunt Comix advertising flyer)

Description of Incident: Michael Christopher Diana was charged by the state of Florida on three counts of criminal misdemeanor. The charges were: 1) Publication of lewd or obscene material; 2) Distribution of lewd or obscene material; 3) Advertising for the sale of lewd or obscene material. The materials in question were "Boiled Angel" magazine issues #7 & #8.

Results of Incident: The artist plead innocent to all charges at the first hearing on April 19, 1993. On June 7 he was granted a continuance to July 17, 1993 for a pre-trial hearing. The trial date was eventually set at January 13, 1994. No further information on the trial was submitted. Mike Hunt Comix are currently available by mail order.

Source: Michael Christopher Diana

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