Name: Kiki Lamers accused of child pornography

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  Europe



Artist: Kiki Lamers and her ex-husband, Louis Thijssen

Confronting Bodies: French government

Date of Action: 2004-2005

Specific Location: Riom, France

Description of Artwork: Nude photographs of the artist's children and other chldren. Paintings based on these photographs.

Description of Incident: An investigation of Kiki Lamers and Louis Thijessen begins when a photo-developer alerts the police of "abnormal" negatives. In 2004 they are condemned to 8 months of jail and fined 5,000 Euro, Lamers for the "corruption of a minor younger than 15" and Thijssen for the concealment of child pornography and complicity in the corruption of children.

Results of Incident: The case is under appeal - the appeals court is making a difference between the art photos and the images Thijssen downloaded on the Internet (by error, he claims). Lamers no longer photographs her son nude.

Source: Le Monde, NCAC

Submitted By: NCAC

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