"> Name: Hiram Powers "The Greek Slave"

Date:  1800 - 1850

Location:  North America



image description
Artist: Hiram Powers

Confronting Bodies: clergymen

Date of Action: 1848

Specific Location: USA

Description of Artwork: Sculpture of female nude.

Description of Incident: Americans were scandalized by the fact that the slave was nude.

Results of Incident: Powers claimed that the slave she was a pure Christian girl, being sold on the block somewhere like Constantinople to the heathen Turks, but protected from evil eyes by her chastity and spiritual virtues.┬áHe got the statue approved by a body of clergymen, and it was singled out for honors at the Great Crystal Palace Exhibition in London in 1851, took in $25,000 in admissions when exhibited in New York, and sold in half-a-dozen full-sized replicas.

Source: NCAC

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