Name: Boston Public Library Censorship

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  North America


MediumElectronic Media

Artist: Boston Public Library

Confronting Bodies: Boston Public Library users, personnel and union collective bargaining labor relations advocates.

Date of Action: It's been going on for years.

Specific Location: 700 Boylston Street Boston MA 02116 and 27 Branch public libraries.

Description of Artwork: Public records legitimately public records.

Description of Incident: Boston Public Library Director Ruth Kowal and BPL President Bernie Margolis tried to extort additional fees to read public records.

Results of Incident: No access to legitimately public records

Source: My reference desk request for pubic records.

Submitted By: Don Saklad 2 Linwood Place Cambridge MA 02139 tel 617.661.9650 voice/fax email:

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