Name: Susan Narduli, Men in Flight

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  North America



Artist: Susan Narduli

Confronting Bodies: Los Angeles World Airports

Date of Action: July 2001

Specific Location: American Airlines Terminal, Los Angeles International Airport, California

Description of Artwork: Photographic images sandblasted into black granite circles on the airport floor. These images depict nude men who appear to be in flight.

Description of Incident: Hours after the artwork was unveiled, it was again covered due to complaints about the male images. Though the Cultural Affairs Commission approved the artwork in 1999, they were called upon by the Los Angeles World Airports company to reassess the work.

Results of Incident: The Cultural Affairs Commission reviewed Narduli's piece and maintained their decision of approval.

Source: NCAC, 7.23.01, Chicago Tribune 8.2.01

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