"> Name: skarro

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  Europe

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion

MediumVideo Art

Artist: FAF (für alle fälle) productora de audiovisuales.

Confronting Bodies: Ayuntamiento, Dirección del festival ESTE04

Date of Action: 9 - Junio - 2004

Specific Location: Valencia - Spain

Description of Artwork: A documental video about the problems of "Botellón" and the law for not to drink alcohol in the streets. The documental show illegal beer sellermans who are stars of a new sport they have invented

Description of Incident: The video was selected by a jury for the final competition, and was screening in the videoroom, after 2 days of exibition, some comision of the goverment visit the instalations of the festival and press to the direction of the festival to take out the pieze, all the program in the videoroom was retired (it was a dvd with all the selected videos)

Results of Incident: A lot of people didn´t see the work.

now you can watch the video in youtube

www.youtube.com the name is "skarro"

Source: you can watch the video in youtube www.youtube.com the name is "skarro"

Submitted By: Iñaki Lopez furallefalle@gmail.com

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