Name: Troy University art student sues after nude photos are banned from art exhibit

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  North America



Artist: Blake Dews - Troy University art student

Confronting Bodies: Troy University administration

Date of Action: 2003-2005

Specific Location: Montgomery, Alabama

Description of Artwork: Blake Dews’ photographs include both male and female nudity. Some of the photographs most controversial displayed male full frontal nudity. Dews’ work contained nude photographs of males and females, but they were not pictured together nor were they engaged in sexual act or simulating one.

Description of Incident: Dews’ photography, including the pieces in question, was continually reviewed by his professors and classmates as he produced it. He received an “A” for his work and, after the work was hung for a University exhibit, his professor expressed pleasure at the work. When the exhibit opened around Thanksgiving 2003, a warning was placed outside the exhibit indicating that the show contained some nudity. Before the Christmas holidays, Dews was told that the university’s lawyers had told his professor the pictures might be in violation of state obscenity laws. Prior to the spring semester, Dews was asked to remove his work. When he arrived, he found some of the pictures had already been removed from the exhibition.

Results of Incident: In November 2005, Blake Dews’ sued Troy University saying the school violated his free speech rights by censoring his artwork and implementing a campus speech code that unconstitutionally restricts speech. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Montgomery, contends Troy officials removed portions of Dews’ artwork from a 2003 University exhibit because it feature nudity. Dews’ lawsuit seeks an apology, elimination of the speech code, damages and attorney fees.

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE):

Submitted By: National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC)

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