Name: Pete Seeger concert head in high school auditorium despite objections from the school board

Date:  1951 - 1975

Location:  North America

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion

MediumPerforming Art

Artist: Pete Seeger; East Meadow, Long Island Concert Association

Confronting Bodies: East Meadow School Board

Date of Action: 1965

Specific Location: East Meadow, New York

Description of Artwork: The East Meadow, Long Island Concert Association invited Pete Seeger to perform a concert at a local high school.

Description of Incident: The East Meadow School Board decided that it would be inappropriate for Pete Seeger to perform at the high school because of the potential problems that could occur. The East Meadow, Long Island Concert Association disagreed with the School Board and challenged their decision.

Results of Incident: The New York Court of Appeals decided that the concert should be held.

Source: Long Island Coalition Against Censorship, "Censorship in Schools and Libraries" exhibit

Submitted By: Danielle Biber

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